Teaching Philosophy

In my early school days, I struggled to stay focused, motivated and organized in my learning.   I did not have the self-confidence or motivation to challenge myself and did just enough to get by.  This all changed in college with one comment from a caring Professor.  He told me that I was a talented writer… and I believed him.  I started to look forward to his class everyday and actively participated.  Everything changed for me after taking his class.  I became interested in my studies and wanted to learn more.   I have had teachers in my academic life who were indifferent, good, great and life-changing.  He was life-changing and that is the type of teacher I strive to be!

I believe that it is a teacher’s job to instill a love of learning and build self- confidence in each individual student.   Students should be encouraged to explore, interpret and challenge the world around them.  As a teacher, it is important to provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment that is conducive to each individual student’s learning styles, talents and interests.   Educators are responsible for ensuring that students develop not only academically, but socially and mentally as well.   It is vital that a teacher create and maintain positive partnerships between parents, teachers, administrators and students so that everyone is on the same page and focused on each child’s learning.

Incorporating differentiated learning and employing multiple forms of assessment help to form a well-balanced and student-centered classroom.   Assessments help me not only gage where a student is in his/her learning, but it also helps me to shape and tailor lessons that are meaningful.  Each student in my classroom creates a portfolio of work.  This provides them with a look at how they have been improving throughout the year and encourages them to take charge of their own learning.   I use a journal to keep notes on each of the students to help me understand where they are today and what they can improve upon in the future.  My informal assessments help me to understand each individual’s learning style and interests so that I may create lessons that are fun, motivating and differentiated.

Teachers are lifetime learners.  I will be consistently seeking to improve my skills as a teacher through professional development, courses and researching new theories and ideas.   I reflect on my performance as a teacher and collaborate with coworkers to improve and enhance the quality of education for my students.  After giving a lesson, I write about how the lesson went.  I think about things that I would have changed and how any unexpected issues that came up during the lesson might have affected its success.  This provides me with insight into improving the next lesson.  I will always strive to better my skills as an educator in order to provide the best possible education to each individual student under my care.

All students deserve to have a teacher that is caring, dedicated and responsible.  I am a teacher who works hard to ensure that I meet the needs of each individual child in such a way.  It is my hope that my students will remember me as a life-changing teacher in the same way that I remember my College Professor.