Observation feedback

Here are some of the comments and feedback that I have received after classroom observations throughout the years.  Comments and feedback are a wonderful way to analyze my teaching practices and make improvements. Being a teacher is all about learning new things in order to provide the best possible outcomes for students!




2014-2015  Feedback from Assistant Principal Ms. Johnson

  • “Your room shows the footprints of learning and celebrates students growth as learners which is evident through the student work you display across the content area. Your use of multiple media to engage students around the concept of deforestation is notable as it supports your ESL learners and give them multiple entry points into the lesson.”
  • “Your rating of EFFECTIVE in DOMAIN 2a is a commentary on the embracive atmosphere that you created in your classroom that allowed students to create and share their personal yearbook project with their peers without fear of put down. Students supported each others creative choices through constructive feedback. You continue to use project based work to support your ESL learners in their usage of the reading, writing, speaking and listening paradigm. This is also a noteworthy practice that makes your classroom a student friendly and engaging environment.”

2015-2016 Comments and feedback from Assistant Principal Ms. Johnson.

  • “You continue to push your pedagogical acumen by constantly seeking out feedback and support from your colleagues. Your next step will be using all the data that you have available (MOSL’s, reading levels, simulation exam, on-demand writing tasks,etc.) in order to plan targeted conferencing with your students and institute station teaching to facilitate student mastery of the respective focus.”
  • “Your passion for teaching and your commitment to your children is evidenced in your well planned lesson, engaging activities, and instructionally vibrant classroom environment. During this lesson you tapped into all the modalities of your ESL students through activities that involved reading, writing, listening and speaking such as creating polygons with their bodied, copying instructions down for a game they were playing and working in partnerships to solve the math problems. Your lessons are always cognitively engaging and provide multiple entry point for your learners.”

2016-2017 Feedback from Assistant Principal Ms. Rivera

  • “Your classroom was rich in print, with visual cues and Total Physical Response supports to aid students with their understanding of the concept. As I walked around the students were engaged in conversation about the topic and the project they were working on and were eager to present to the class. It was truly a pleasure visiting your class. As a recommendation I suggest you have students have a checklist or guide that they are using when their classmates are presenting that they can turn in to you or share with those students presenting.”
  • “I commend you for your creativity, ability to differentiate the lesson for all of your students and affording everyone an opportunity to be engaged in the same topic. I thoroughly enjoyed your lesson and look forward to visiting your class again.”