Student Learning

ELA–  Using the balanced literacy approach, I create a collaborative and engaging work environment to ensure student growth.  Here are some samples of student writing including baseline and endline assignments as well as beginning and end of year samples that show growth through the use of rubrics and actionable feedback.

Baseline (2017)- Opinion Writing Baseline w/ Abbreviated Rubric (2017)

Endline (2017)-  Opinion Writing- Endline    Opinion Endline Rubric (2017)

Actionable Feedback Writing

Writing Growth (ENL Student)   Writing 9/10/2015       Writing 3/1/2016  Using data from the September writing sample, I was able to teach into skills that this student needed in order to be proficient in the standards.  Some things we worked on were paragraphing, varying sentence starters and dialogue.


Math–  Using a variety of hands on materials and technology, I ensure growth according to the common core standards.  Below are examples of exit tickets as well as assessments containing actionable feedback, that I use to guide teaching as well as  create and recreate small groups.

Exit Tickets (2017)         Exit Ticket Self-Evaluation 2015 (1)

Math Growth (IEP Student)  Math Assessment 10/2015Math Assessment 2/2016– Using the data from the October assessment, I was able to focus on skills needed to ensure growth.  One strategy that we used during  small group work, was highlighting all the things that the test was asking us to do.   In the later assessment, this as well as other strategies taught paid off!


Project-based learning is a great way to actively engage students in learning.  Here are some photos of a biography research project.

Bio Project p.1

Bio Project p.2

Partner and group work are vital in a collaborative learning environment.  I create meaningful partnerships and groups based on assessment data, interests and levels. Within these small groups and partnerships, I have the opportunity to conference with individual students.  During this time, we discuss growth and challenges as well as set goals.

Partner work

Group work

We love presenting our work!  Here is a snippet of a presentation about simple machines.  Group Presentation 2017


Each day I meet with select individual students to discuss where they are in their learning and what steps they need to take  to grow.  using the common core standards as a general guide I encourage students take an active part in their learning by giving them a chance to jot down comments as well.

Conferring Reading      Conferring Writing     Conferring Math

Struggling Learners

For students who are struggling with proficiency, it is vital to analyze their data and formulate a plan for success that involves not only the student but  the teacher and parents as well.  Here are some samples of student success plans that I have created.

Student Success Plan, 2017            Student Success Plan 2014