Character Day

As a dually certified educator with a Master’s degree in Childhood and Special Education Birth – 6, I have had the opportunity to work with students in both a regular and special education setting. Currently, I am a classroom teacher/grade leader for 3rd grade in the Bronx, where I work with primarily ENL students.   I use a variety of techniques including visuals to build language and technology to engage and expose students. My students participate in both formal and informal assessments to guide learning and ensure growth throughout the year. Over my years of experience, I have learned the importance of building positive relationships, meaningful differentiation of instruction, motivation and active engagement, as well as positive classroom management to achieve and sustain gains.

I am a patient and compassionate educator. It is my goal to ensure that each individual student feels empowered, successful and in charge of his/her own learning. I strive to collaborate with teachers, parents, administrators and students to consistently challenge, assess and motivate pupils.

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